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  • Colour orthophotography of Andalusia at a resolution of 1 metre, obtained from a photogrammetric flight carried out between June and July 2007 at an altitude of 9,000 metres and with RGB and infrared information. The Digital Model obtained from the 1:20,000 scale flight of 2001-2002 has been used, updating it by means of restitution in the areas where changes in the elevations of the terrain have been observed. In this way, a new digital elevation model has been obtained, updated to the date of the flight with a spacing of 20 metres and with the break lines that define the abrupt changes in slope, as well as different structures such as bridges, roads, slopes, etc. A continuous orthophotography of Andalusia has been obtained, both readiometrically and geometrically at a geometric resolution of one metre and with RGB and Infrared information. The images are distributed in sheets, according to the MTN distribution at a scale of 1:10.000.

  • Colour orthophotography of Andalusia at 1m resolution, based on analogue photogrammetric flights carried out between 1998 and 2001.

  • Colour orthophotography of Andalusia produced at a resolution of 1 metre, based on the colour photogrammetric flight, at a scale of 1:60,000, carried out between June and October 2004. It is presented organised according to the distribution of sheets of the Topographic Map of Andalusia 1:10.000.